Deep dive into alignment, with clarity and focus BEYOND THE VISUALS

Brand strategy

time to dive in.

Goodbye Brand Confusion.
Hello Brand Clarity.

Branding begins with strategy, not design. Our Brand Strategy Blueprint is the missing piece of the puzzle.

This is for you if...

You feel disconnected from your purpose and embarrassed to tell people about your brand

Your brand is all over the place, and it lacks cohesion

You work far too many hours yet aren't able to confidently raise your prices

You spend too much time convincing clients to work with you

Your business has changed and outgrown the design that helped you get started

You're just starting out and want to build your brand the right way

Confidently and consistently show up because you have an impactful brand that resonates

Work with dream clients who are eager to work with you and see you as the expert that you are

Streamline your marketing efforts with strategic design that is targeting your ideal audience

Communicate the quality and value of your services without having to say a word

Raise the bar in your industry and stand out from your competitors with a strategic brand

Charge your value, increase your revenue, and build a business that matters 

But Imagine if you could...

Brand Strategy

What you need:

• 2-hour Brand Strategy Session via Zoom, where we’ll deep dive into mission, vision, values, goals, brand archetypes, target personas, value proposition, positioning, brand story, and more.
• Brand Roadmap, including competitive landscape, SWOT analysis, brand messaging, personality, and voice, brand experience framework, creative and packaging groundwork, along with implementation recommendations.

At the start of new engagements, brand strategy workshops align key stakeholders and set the tone for the work that follows. Brand Strategy is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to go beyond aesthetic appeal to achieve business goals. 

who this is for:

Brand strategy includes:

timeline: 2 weeks

Maybe your visual identity is up to par, but you’re missing the clarity and focus that goes beyond the visuals, such as the who, what, how and why of your brand. Let’s give you the strategy to back up any future content!

What it is:

Kristin r.
Island realty

"She is personable, professional, and has no problem meeting tight deadlines. Cassidy has created a streamlined brand for our company. She has a bright future ahead of her!"

"Cassidy is unique in her field in that not only is she extremely creative, but she is business minded and highly organized."


"If you want someone who goes above and beyond, stays organized and is truly dedicated to making something unique and lasting for your business, Cassidy's your girl!"

"Cassidy is exceptionally talented and demonstrates a level of professionalism not often found in the design industry."


"She encompasses impeccable organizational skills and will not release her work until it meets her expectations and others without missing deadlines. She has been known to work from dusk until dawn to get the job done."

"Out of 100+ applicants with many being qualified for the project, I made the right decision by hiring Cassidy."

chris B.
GE Healthcare

"The whole team loved the campaign, and I received several messages from key stakeholders saying: “OMG!” “This email is beautiful”, "The campaign flows beautifully", etc. Bottom line – This creative campaign was a huge hit! The creative layout and messaging got us big click-through rates!"

"Your creative design is getting RAVE reviews!"

Client Love

We believe in the power of potential and we're passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business leaders make a difference within their community. We believe that together, we can build brands as agents for positive global change.

No one knows your business like you. Your unique understanding is crucial as we craft a brand that fits your vision. We each have unique skills to bring to the table. We promise to walk alongside you as friends and advisors, not a design dictators. To us, partnership is what drives success.

creative collaboration

people over profits

evolution & growth

As you continue to evolve and grow, your brand will do the same. While design is subject to change based on what's trending, sustainable design allows your brand to elevate, refine, and polish as you evolve. We promise to continue exploring and evolving your brand identity throughout our projects together.




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