The purpose of this style guide is to protect the checkmark icon and product claims system by keeping the usage of the icon, color palette and typography consistent no matter where, or by whom it is used.

Checkmark Icon + Nomenclature

The checkmark icon consists of two elements: the clean leaf circle and the clean check. These elements and their relationship to one another should not be altered in any way.

In most instances, the checkmark icon will be paired with descriptive nomenclature, which will vary from market to market depending on regulatory requirements. The flexible icon and nomenclature system allows you to pair the icon with phrasing that is most appropriate for your market, while using consistent rounded tables that can be scaled depending on word length.

Color Palette

R 00 G 103 B 56 | C 90 M 34 Y 97 K 27 | WEB #006738 | PMS #349C

R 118 G 189 B 34 | C 59 M 01 Y 100 K 00 | WEB #76BD22 | PMS #368C

Product Claims System

The product claims system is designed to handle multiple claims, many different ways depending on the final usage.

This flexible system allows for multiple claims and variable-length nomenclature. The minimum clear space in this case is the height of the letter ‘C’ in the “Clean Label” nomenclature. This provides breathing room for the logo and ensures that the system is legible and effective.

The “C” is also used to appropriately position different nomenclature and handle multiple claims. This “C” determines the amount of white space or padding around and within all the elements of the Product Claims System.

Claims System Examples
The Client

CSM Bakery Solutions is the baking industry’s international leader, producing a broad ranges of products for customers in more than 100 countries. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, CSM offers a broad, innovative portfolio of premium quality bakery ingredients, finished products and services for retail and foodservice markets as well as artisan and industrial bakeries.

Project Objective

Create a visual indicator for the communication of product benefits/attributes on packaging, selling materials, and POP for “clean label” items within multiple product categories and across multiple brands.

Target Audience

Modern Trade (in store bakery) customers and Foodservice operators who are selling to a younger consumer known to be college educated with a higher income.


Art Director, Designer




Product Claims Identity System

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