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The Client

The project was to develop and design a visual identity system, bottling/packaging and advertising for an emerging fragrance line.

Target Audience

The primary target market is high-class men & women, between 25-45 years old who are college-educated. More than likely attended an Ivy League College, this group typically lives in metro areas, such as the Upper East Side. Competitive, with a never back down mentality, this wealthy sect are always craving their next ego boost.

Brand Persona

Ego is confidence and self-esteem. Ego is sure of itself, optimistic and innovative and always looking to allow people to express their individuality. Ego is inspired by a lifestyle & an attitude. An attitude that success is everything, ambition is a requirement and a never back-down mentality. A lifestyle that reflects timeless tradition and classic sophistication. Ego is the confidence that every person wishes they had but very few possess; an exclusively strong sense of self.


Art Director, Designer, Copywriting


Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver


Visual Identity System, Bottle & Packaging, Website, Store Display, Digital Ads

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