With versatile, tolerant, proven formulations that produce consistent, flavorful fresh baked goods each and every time,
Multifoods has baking down to a science.

After several acquisitions over the past two decades,
CSM Bakery Solutions wanted to refresh the brand identities
for several of their subsidiary brands in North America.

By standardizing the components used for brand development,
including brand architecture, guidelines and sales collateral,
I created a distinct visual identity for Multifoods and
clearly defined it’s relationship with the corporate brand.


The Multifoods logo includes three elements:
the wordmark banner, wheat icon and the company founding date.


R 41 G 64 B 139 | C 100 M 80 Y 00 K 05 | WEB #29408b | PMS #280C

R 232 G 157 B 00 | C 00 M 36 Y 100 K 08 | WEB #e89d00 | PMS #131C

R 214 G 105 B 15 | C 12 M 69 Y 100 K 02 | WEB #d6690f | PMS #717C

R 199 G 155 B 114 | C 22 M 39 Y 62 K 01 | WEB #c79b72 | PMS #728C

R 164 G 208 B 219 | C 35 M 06 Y 11 K 00 | WEB #a4d0db | PMS #551C

R 64 G 79 B 105 | C 81 M 67 Y 38 K 22 | WEB #404f69 | PMS #7545C


To maintain consistency across all mediums, please try to incorporate the graphic treatments and photography style when approaching creative collateral for the Multifoods brand.


Our brand is calm, simple and adaptable; Therefore our creative uses a clean, subtle gradient to blend large-scale images and colors into the page layout.

Paper Texture

Our brand is simple and high quality, so we incorporate texture backgrounds that add dimension to our brand.

Linear Callouts

Our brand is scientific & methodical so our creative collateral includes linear callouts with simple, clean lines and crisp text.
The Client

CSM Bakery Solutions is the baking industry’s international leader, producing a broad range of products for customers in more than 100 countries. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, CSM offers a broad, innovative portfolio of premium quality bakery ingredients, finished products and services for retail and foodservice markets as well as artisan and industrial bakeries.

Project Objective

CSM wanted to refresh the branding of many of their hero brands in North America and standardize the components used for brand development. The goal of this project was to develop the Brill brand standards, brand compass, and brand expression to better support current initiatives and the expansion into new channels and new cross-category initiatives.

Target Audience

National supermarket chains & foodservice seeking world-class quality, convenience and labor-savings. A partner to help generate sales by providing unique ideas & support.


Art Director, Designer


Illustrator, InDesign


Visual Identity System, Sales Materials

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