Candy is dandy,
...but liquor is quicker.

The Candy Bar Drinks
What is the Candy Bar?

The Candy Bar is a new bar located in midtown Atlanta and features candy-inspired cocktails. The bar also sells specialty flavored vodkas for purchase at the bar and on their online store. The Candy Bar had yet to develop a cohesive brand image for their marketing and advertising efforts so the primary focus was to develop a brand identity. The secondary focus of the project was to develop a memorable advertising campaign.

How is The Candy Bar Unique?

The difference between this bar and so many other Atlanta night spots is that it features candy-inspired cocktails and candy-infused vodka bottles for purchase. The Candy Bar is a unique, fun experience because the Candy Bar creates delicious cocktails and drinks inspired by popular candy flavors and is the perfect location for bachelorette parties, 21st birthday parties and socializing.

Brand Essence

The Candy Bar believes it’s important to spend time relaxing and socializing with the people you care about most. The Candy Bar encourages confidence, networking and developing strong connections. We do this by delivering a fun atmosphere to foster these relationships and by creating memorable candy-inspired drinks.


  • Fun-loving
  • Optimistic
  • Colorful
  • Casual Chic
  • Bright
  • Savvy
  • Personable
Logo Analysis
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