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Meet cassidy

For more than 15 years, I’ve created branded experiences and mentored amazing creative teams. I’ve worked with a variety of clients and my strengths include brand identity, creative strategy, content creation, graphic design, video production, and marketing. As a creative director, I thoughtfully distill your vision and translate it into an unforgettable brand experience.

Meet cassidy

My goal is to help amplify your brand and tell your story through meaningful and strategic design. 

Our mission is to...

moments of optimism and happiness

brands that inspire lasting belief

people through raw, heartfelt stories

value and make a difference

the soul of your business






Our "why"

We're passionate about helping entrepreneurs feel less alone in business and redefining what success, freedom, and life balance can look like. Getting to know you, weaving in stories and making a difference by building empowering brands brings a spark to our lives as well.

Branding is about becoming who you are meant to be all along and allowing yourself to step into your potential. That's where the magic happens. We want to hear all of your ambitions, goals, and dreams as we carve out this new beginning with you. Together, we’ll uncover what makes you stand out, while giving your brand that wow factor that will inspire your audience and propel your business forward.

smart design that makes an impact

Creative Cass was born out of a love for smart, impactful design and the desire to uncover the raw, heartfelt stories that each of us has at our core.

Get inspired.

We believe in the power of potential and we're passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business leaders make a difference within their community. We believe that together, we can build brands as agents for positive global change.

No one knows your business like you. Your unique understanding is crucial as we craft a brand that fits your vision. We each have unique skills to bring to the table. We promise to walk alongside you as friends and advisors, not a design dictators. To us, partnership is what drives success.

creative collaboration

people over profits

evolution & growth

As you continue to evolve and grow, your brand will do the same. While design is subject to change based on what's trending, sustainable design allows your brand to elevate, refine, and polish as you evolve. We promise to continue exploring and evolving your brand identity throughout our projects together.




Our core values

What we believe in

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