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We create immersive experiences that empower you to grow your brand and elevate your impact.

Whether you're an entrepreneur just starting out or your business has been in the game for years, we are here to help you elevate your brand and make a lasting impact through strategic, pixel perfect design.

 At Creative Cass, we believe in creating meaningful design that does much more than just "look pretty", but instead, helps you surpass your performance goals and position your brand for success. Weaving together human-centric storytelling and strategy, we create brands to align with your "why" — empowering you to confidently stand out and make an impact so you don’t just make a first impression, but a lasting one.

Align your business with your purpose, resulting in a timeless, meaningful brand identity and website that sparks connection and maximizes growth. 

FOR growth-driven entrepreneurs and industry innovators

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Hi, I'm cassidy!

Through an empowering and collaborative process, we will work together to align your brand identity with your "why" or the purpose behind everything you do, resulting in a timeless, meaningful brand, website, and creative direction that fuels customer confidence and maximizes growth.

If you're ready to tell your story and amplify your brand through purpose-driven design, let's create something amazing together!

Creative director, designer, and brand storyteller with a love of smart ideas and an eye for pixel perfection

Kristin r.
Island realty

"She is personable, professional, and has no problem meeting tight deadlines. Cassidy has created a streamlined brand for our company. She has a bright future ahead of her!"

"Cassidy is unique in her field in that not only is she extremely creative, but she is business minded and highly organized."


"If you want someone who goes above and beyond, stays organized and is truly dedicated to making something unique and lasting for your business, Cassidy's your girl!"

"Cassidy is exceptionally talented and demonstrates a level of professionalism not often found in the design industry."


"She encompasses impeccable organizational skills and will not release her work until it meets her expectations and others without missing deadlines. She has been known to work from dusk until dawn to get the job done."

"Out of 100+ applicants with many being qualified for the project, I made the right decision by hiring Cassidy."

chris B.
GE Healthcare

"The whole team loved the campaign, and I received several messages from key stakeholders saying: “OMG!” “This email is beautiful”, "The campaign flows beautifully", etc. Bottom line – This creative campaign was a huge hit! The creative layout and messaging got us big click-through rates!"

"Your creative design is getting RAVE reviews!"

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Take your business to the next level with a brand that sparks connection and maximizes growth

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